A Dehradun vision; A London dream and a Mumbai reality



Avrom Jewels as an eco-friendly luxury high fashion jewellery brand is an out-turn of Priti Sharma’s childhood love affair with art and installation that came to fruition after a decade of arts and design exploration in two countries and four different cities. Avrom® was established in late 2014 in Mumbai and today the brand represents all things diverse, bright, bold and statement. Priti draws inspiration from nature, architecture and her favourite artists like Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Dale Chihuly, Andy Goldsworthy, Anish Kapur, Julianne Swartz to name a few. Every collection is a melange of materials, metals, textures, colours, and has a unique story or social cause that is close to Priti’s heart.


Brand Ethos

At Avrom® we firmly believe in nurturing a meaningful concept and building it into wearable art in the form of luxury high fashion jewellery collection which is organically original and exclusive. Solid shapes and bold enamel colours representing human emotions juxtaposed against softer materials or chunky chains are seen throughout the collections. Each design is first sketched then handcrafted as a sample and after approval sent into mass production to be stocked with over 30 stockists across five countries.


Since 2018 Avrom® has proudly adapted itself as a sustainable metals brand. All jewellery is now handcrafted and/or mass produced using recycled or fairy mined metals. The journey has been an overwhelming roller coaster ride and we are striving to become a global fairtrade brand in the next 5 years, whilst maintaining a balance and transparency in retail price and company profits, since we believe that you as a consumer should know your product and its back story.




Born and raised in the foothills of Himalayas where fresh mangoes and Ruskin Bond’s books would be a summer holiday dream; At the age of 13 my grades in school started falling and I found more comfort in doodling on the walls of dad’s office with 4B, 6B pencils and making key chains out of broken parts of TV remote control. It was then that the dream of becoming an artist/designer was rooted. The rebel was born.


2Bournemouth: in 2007 as I turned 18, I, on a cold January night took the next flight out to Arts University Bournemouth and I found myself in design heaven. This is where my journey as an artist/designer began and so did the series of material experimentation. From sterling silver to leather; from lino etching to vacuum forming; from mdf moulds to felt making; the jewellery artist in me emerged.

London: in 2009 I went to Buckinghamshire University to study BA (Hons) in jewellery making and the 3 year long hands on tedious training in jewellery techniques, technology, tools, design aesthetics resulted in an Emerging Designer Award and a London Fashion Week job. The jewellery designer in me was cemented.



In 2013 I decided to quit the fancy Fashion Week job and establish Avrom®, for which I moved countries again and found myselfin the heart of Mumbai – a whirlwind of rickshaws, bollywood, gold and diamonds’ traders with businesses that were older than me. After a bumpy ride for a solid two years Avrom Jewels finally took off in 2015 only to never look back and today, proudly stocking with over 30 retail stores across India, Singapore, England and America.

“I fell in love with metal when I watched my thoughts turn into shiny reality”